The person behind

Meg offisielt bilde Berlin 2

This is me, Anne-Beate. I am the person behind NorLearn, a small language school in Oslo that offers tuition in Norwegian language at all levels.

I have been teaching Norwegian as a foreign language since 1997, and have gradually specialized in tuition tailored to people’s job requirements. Even if you are a beginner, you can learn the language partly based on your work vocabulary. Language is structure, and within this structure you can put whatever you want. Consequently, regardless what you do to make money, you can benefit from learning the Norwegian language based on your daily language at work.

In addition to a wide range of teaching assignments within Norwegian business life, twice a year I also have a beginner’s course for exchange students at NIH (Norwegian school of sport sciences.) Now and then I teach persons who are going to take the official language test called Språkprøven.

Every summer I organize summer courses in Elverum. Then I have the pleasure both to host and teach people, mainly from Europe, who wants to spend a week or more to get an intensive approach to the Norwegian language.

What I like most with my job is the opportunity to meet a lot of different people, all with their own story and their own reasons to learn Norwegian. They do represent a wide variety of professions (from cleaners to ambassadors), but the need to be able to communicate they all have in common.

During the years I have developed a lot of different teaching material, both for my own students and on behalf of other offering language instruction.

As a language teacher in an expensive country as Norway, I get in touch with many people who either can`t afford a private teacher, or are living far away from someone offering language tuition. Since I really enjoy to make exercises and different teaching material, my contribution to students around has become the website INFONORWEGIAN. The main intention with that site is to provide people with free language resources, all of good quality.

I do love my job, and can`t imagine another kind of work. Since I am never better than my last job, I always try to do my best. With NorLearn you know what you get: you simply get me. A qualified, flexible teacher with a lot of experience.